Special Offer


Special Offer

Sign up for the training course with The Body Language Training Academy and graduate knowing that the horses can talk to you!

What To Expect

There are a total of 14 training videos in 6 Lessons.

The first Lesson will describe the 9 classifications of a race horse and show the important parts of the horses body that are communicating with you. Then you will be taught the specific signals the horse is giving.

The following 5 Lessons describe the horse classification and the specific signals that put him in that class.  Identifying the class will determine the possibility of the horse winning his race (or will eliminate him).

Lesson 7 will give practice videos that will allow you to hone your skills before you put them to practice.

NO Strings Attached

Well, maybe one.  At this time the training is only available via a webinar.

If you want to be included in a webinar, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


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