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This training IS NOT a stand alone “Magic System”!

What you will learn here is the Missing Link that effectively gives you the ability to see things that are invisible to others.

Players consider handicapping as the way to pick the winner.  A horses body language may  confirm your choices. On the other hand it is probably more important in that it will tell you when the horse is not ready to win, saving a losing bet.

For the last 40 years there have been many books, VCR Tapes and talks about horses body language. 

However, this is the first comprehensive, step by step training program that will walk you through every indicator the horse is showing and give you a process that keeps you on track and aids you in spotting all of the good and bad signs that show that the horse is ready to win – or not. 

In the past, everything (or almost everything) was directed to the player being at the track and watching the horses in the paddock and in warm up on the track.

Being there makes the reading and diagnosis of the horses body language easier than it is today where most players are either Satellite wagering  or viewing on their computer.

On the sidebar are details of the lessons you will be receiving.  In addition to the lessons you will receive a workbook that reinforces your training.  You will also do a self-test at the end of each lesson to insure you have mastered the art before going on to the next lesson.


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